Tuesday, January 5, 2010


In today’s world every body is in hurry. Life has become very fast. People want to grow fast, make money faster. Result of this is that the patience is getting short. Now a days management looks up for a team who can deliver fast results. The manager want to conclude before starting the discussion.

Before analyzing this behaviour let us travel in a train where one old man is sitting with his 25 years old son in the train. Train is about to leave the station. All passengers are settling down their seat.

As train started young man was filled with lot of joy and curiosity. He was sitting on the window side.
He went out one hand and feeling the passing air. He shouted, "Papa see all trees are going behind". Old man smile and admired son feelings.

Beside the young man one couple was sitting and listing all the conversion between father and son. They were little awkward with the attitude of 25 years old man behaving like a small child.

Suddenly young man again shouted, "Papa see the pond and animals. Clouds are moving with train". Couple was watching the young man in embarrassingly.

Now its start raining and some of water drops touches the young man's hand. He filled with joy and he closed the eyes. He shouted again," Papa it's raining, water is touching me, see papa".

Couple couldn't help themselves and ask the old man. "Why don't you visit the Doctor and get treatment for your son."

Old man said, "Yes, We are coming from the hospital as Today only my son got his eye sight for first time in his life."

Moral  of this story is -"Don't draw conclusions until you know all the facts". So always wait to collect the facts. Before drawing a conclusion discuss with the relevant group. Such a decision would bring positive outcome most of the time, if executed properly.

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