Monday, October 31, 2011

Guess What it is Frog or a Horse

In the following sketch the painter has used only pencil, Can you guess what has he  drawn?

Frog  or  Horse ?

You think it is a frog and 

I think it is a horse!

Wait for a while 
Let us re-look
Its Confusing,  isn't  it ? Painter says he has drawn both. Its up to the viewer how he/ she looks at it.
Moral: We have to respect each other's opinion and view; as you can see it clearly in the above picture. We just need to wait and listen actively to others' point of view!
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No Peace for Complaining Mind

Make your contribution to life
An aspiring monk was searching for a Guru. He went to a monastery and there his preceptor told him, "You can Study and Meditate here but we have one important rule that, all the students have to observe complete silence. You will be allowed to speak only once in one year time." The young monk agreed.

Even for Meditation Peace of Mind is needed
After meditating, studying and practicing in silence for one long year the day came when the student could say any one thing or ask his one question. So the monk said, "The bed is too hard."

Then he kept going for another one year with silent meditation and got the opportunity to speak once again.  He said, "The food is not at all good."

Twelve more months of hard work and he got to speak again. Here are his words after 3 years of difficult spiritual practices,  "I quit!!"

The Master of the monastery quickly answered, "Good, anyway all you have been doing these Three years was nothing but complaining!"

Although externally we seem to be silent, we remain busy with our internal dialogue of complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves. For most of us, this is the way of life!
Complaining, judging, blaming, feeling unfairly treated, disrespected, etc? all the usual rubbish that the mind loves to chew on.

The feeling of deep gratitude can arise only when we become aware of what existence is giving to us. In fact, we have nothing to give in return. We may not be worthy of it at all, we may not deserve it, still the flowers bloom, the sun rises, the moon shines, the stars twinkle and the clouds keep showering rains? The existence goes on giving, whether we take any note of it or not? It just showers on us?

Our attitude towards life is our own choice. Whether we choose gratitude or complaint that is exactly what life will reflect back to us.

A complaining mind is never at peace?!! People engaged in complaining never realize what they have got from friends, family, Society, till they lose it for ever.  

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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Steps to Heaven

A woman in a coma was dying. She suddenly had a feeling that she was taken up to heaven and stood before the seat of judgement.

"Who are you?” a voice said to her.
I'm the wife of the mayor," she replied.
"I didn't ask you whose wife you are but who you are."
I'm the mother of four children."
"I didn't ask whose mother you are, but who you are."
"I'm a School teacher".
"I didn't ask you what your profession is but who you are."
 And so it went. No matter what she replied, she didn’t seem to give a satisfactory answer to the question,”    Who are you."
"I'm a Christian."
"I didn't ask what your religion is but who you are."
"I'm the one who went to church everyday and always helped the poor and needy."
"I did not ask you what you did but who you are."
She evidently failed the examination for she was sent back to earth.
When she recovered from her illness she determined to find out who she was. And that made all difference.

Moral  :   "Make yourself a better person  and know who you are before  you try and know someone else and expect them to know you."

Our duty is to be. Not to be somebody, not to be nobody-for therein lies greed and ambition-not to be this or that-but just to be.

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